Send Email from your GMAIL account using ASP.Net and C#

Send email using Gmail account

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You can use your gmail account to send emails from ASP.Net and C#, using SMTP. You need to set SSL credentials. This is not straight forward like a simple SMTP email. After searching for long hours I was able to find a solution. Use following class to send emails using your GMAIL account.

Please supply your gmail user name and password in following class where needed.

using System.Web.Mail;
using System;
public class MailSender
 public static bool SendEmail(
 string pGmailEmail, 
 string pGmailPassword, 
 string pTo, 
 string pSubject,
 string pBody, 
 System.Web.Mail.MailFormat pFormat,
 string pAttachmentPath)
 System.Web.Mail.MailMessage myMail = new System.Web.Mail.MailMessage();
 //sendusing: cdoSendUsingPort, value 2, for sending the message using 
 //the network.

 //smtpauthenticate: Specifies the mechanism used when authenticating 
 //to an SMTP 
 //service over the network. Possible values are:
 //- cdoAnonymous, value 0. Do not authenticate.
 //- cdoBasic, value 1. Use basic clear-text authentication. 
 //When using this option you have to provide the user name and password 
 //through the sendusername and sendpassword fields.
 //- cdoNTLM, value 2. The current process security context is used to 
 // authenticate with the service.
 //Use 0 for anonymous
 myMail.From = pGmailEmail;
 myMail.To = pTo;
 myMail.Subject = pSubject;
 myMail.BodyFormat = pFormat;
 myMail.Body = pBody;
 if (pAttachmentPath.Trim() != "")
 MailAttachment MyAttachment = 
 new MailAttachment(pAttachmentPath);
 myMail.Priority = System.Web.Mail.MailPriority.High;

 System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "";
 return true;
 catch (Exception ex)

Example usage of this class,

                             "to_email @", 
                             "This is email subject" , 
                             "This is email body", 
                             "Physical path to your Attachment")

Note: If you do not want to attach a file with email, supply blank string as "".


Previous Questions Log

Hi Shabdar,

I am new to ASP.Net developement and I want to use my gmail account when sending password retrieval emails. I think the standard controls that visual web developer 2008 provide are really neat but I cant get the app to send the mail via gmail's SMTP.

How should i use your code in such a way that will allow me to send the mails that the controls generate via gmails smtp?
=> Gavin Lumsden (Sunday 20-Apr-08 08:38 AM)
Hi Shabdar,

I want to send email using my gmail account from my laptop. It is connected to the internet, but there is no SMTP service running on it. My question is:
Do i need SMTP service to be running on my laptop to be able to use your code to send email (via gmail account) ?
=> vivek (Tuesday 06-May-08 09:05 AM)
No, you don't need SMTP service running on your laptop/computer/server.
=> Shabdar (Tuesday 06-May-08 12:18 PM)
this was a fantastic article, it worked for me on the first try, however with VS 2008 it tells me some of the items are obsolete (works just find nonetheless)
=> jeff siegel (Saturday 10-May-08 12:39 AM)
You'have just solved me a problem of 2 days - thank you! where did you find this solution??
=> inna (Monday 19-May-08 12:33 PM)
Nice coding....
=> sammy (Thursday 07-Aug-08 05:04 AM)
Marvelous code
i got what i was looking for, thanks you are a gem
=> Gurpreet Singh (Friday 22-Aug-08 07:09 AM)
Hey,, Its a Gr8 code 4 me to handle email sending..

can u gv me idea how to send email from other than gmail.
or any email domain i can use to send email instead of inly using gmail.

Thanks in advance.
=> Praful (Friday 05-Sep-08 01:01 AM)
Hi i am tring to use this code in my hosting server.And it gives me "Mail sent successfully." but i am not recived the mail. Can you please help me out onthis.
=> LiveMyResume (Tuesday 09-Sep-08 03:21 AM)
I downloaded your code project but when i click the send button i get a message "The transport failed to connect to the server" . plz suggest
=> surajit (Tuesday 16-Sep-08 02:43 AM)
when i trued ur code it is shiwing this error

"The transport failed to connect to the server"

kindly give me a solution for this problem


=> Revathy (Wednesday 17-Sep-08 05:08 AM)
go to run>command prompt

and type : telnet 465
if it fails then ur service provider is prohibiting the
use of of might be the case i m not all that sure
but it might be the case.
=> surajit (Thursday 18-Sep-08 02:23 AM)
when i tried ur code it is showing this error

"The transport failed to connect to the server"

kindly give me a solution for this problem


=> Revathy (Wednesday 17-Sep-08 05:11 AM)
please check ur internet connection.
=> abhi (Monday 01-Dec-08 08:46 AM)
Good article to send mails using gmailaccount.
goodjob . .
=> sudhir malireddy (Thursday 25-Sep-08 12:57 AM)
This application is really good. Its works fine.
=> Chandrajit Samanta (Friday 24-Oct-08 03:59 AM)
I made on a framework 2.0 and it works perfectly... but i have an application in framework 1.0 unfortunally doesnt work... any idea?
=> Paulo Pil√£o (Wednesday 12-Nov-08 07:57 PM)
we r creating a fresh project in with c#..,In that Project we have a one module for sending mail options.. help me
=> Ashik (Tuesday 18-Nov-08 05:10 AM)
Hi Shabdar,
It's really nice explanation given by you.... Thanks a lot. ..It really works well. Hope to see such excellent and simple code again....
You have really made our work very easy....It am reffering this site to my friends...
=> Ajay Kewale (Sunday 23-Nov-08 06:58 PM)
how to use yahoo mail server for send email?
=> abhi (Monday 01-Dec-08 08:45 AM)

Posted: 5 years 1 week ago by prabhakar #582
prabhakar's Avatar
very very thanks sir,
iam serching 100 above sites but not working codes
your code was very simple ans perfect working...

once again thank u sir
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Posted: 8 years 8 months ago by dellmerca #198
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Posted: 9 years 1 month ago by #119's Avatar

I am new to

i got below error message
"The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available"

can you please explain the code for send email program.
Posted: 9 years 2 months ago by tjaank #112
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you can contact me here:
Posted: 9 years 2 months ago by Awon #110
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This exactly what I am looking it possible to speak directly with you?

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